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Columbia encourages all of its employees to use public transportation. Limited parking space is, however, available on each of the University’s New York City campuses. (While carpooling is encouraged, parking is generally available at the Lamont and Nevis campuses.) Rank, tenure, proximity to work, and availability of public transportation are all factors considered in determining who is eligible for the small number of spaces available.

Morningside Campus

Morningside Parking Office
Institutional Real Estate
400 West 119th Street, Mail Code 8801
Telephone: (212) 854-9455
Fax: (212) 854-5560 / 854-2891

The University operates a number of facilities on or near campus for officers who commute to work and for those who need 24-hour parking. Spaces are rented on a monthly basis. Availability is extremely limited and there is a substantial waiting list. A committee of senior administrators reviews all requests for parking. If you wish to request parking, consult with your supervisor or departmental administrator.

There are also several private garages within the Morningside Campus vicinity. Please note that this list is not complete and should not be interpreted as a recommendation of these establishments.

E&B Operating Corporation
137 West 108th Street
Telephone: (212) 865-8315

Park Yorkshire Garage
151 West 108th Street (Amsterdam)
Telephone: (212) 865-2314

Westside Parking Garage
234 West 108th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam)
Telephone: (212) 222-8800

GGMC Parking
512-520 West 112th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam)
Telephone: (212) 865-1754

Claremont Parking Corporation
490 120th Street (Riverside Church, between Claremont and Riverside)
Telephone: (212) 866-1000 ext. 203

532 West 122nd Street and
627 West 129th Street
Telephone: (212) 888-7400

Medical Center

Medical Center Parking Office
Facilities Management
Telephone: (212) 305-1056
Fax: (212) 305-8119
Web: http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/facilities/parking.html

Limited monthly parking is available to commuting students at the George Washington Bridge Facility. A shuttle bus runs from the facility to 168th Street from 7:30–9:30 am and from 4:30–6:30 pm. For more information, contact the Parking Office.


LDEO Security Office
Administration Building, Room 101
Telephone: (845) 365-8860
Fax: (845) 359-2931

Lamont-Doherty campus parking is limited to registered employees of the Observatory and their invited guests.

Nevis Laboratories

Nevis campus parking is limited to registered employees of the facility and their invited guests.

T/PRP Accounts

The Transit/Parking Reimbursement Program (T/PRP) helps employees reduce their commuting costs by allowing them to set up tax-free accounts. For further information, see Benefits in Brief, on the web at www.hr.columbia.edu/hr/benefits/page-section.html.

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