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Online Benefits Enrollment System

Your Benefits Programs

Columbia University provides a comprehensive package of benefits designed to allow eligible faculty and staff to create a program suited to their needs and those of their families.

Benefits Highlights provides an overview of healthcare, dental, transit, parking, and other benefits. Information about our tuition benefits, the Adoption Assistance Program, Surrogacy Assistance Program and the Employee Assistance Program is listed below.

Columbia Benefits also hosts a set of Frequently Asked Questions for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff, including a glossary of benefits terms.

For a Video Overview of Columbia's Benefits Offerings for Officers, click here.

Important: New Hires must enroll for benefits within 31 days of your start date. If you do not make selections during this period, you and any eligible dependents will not receive Medical, Prescription, Dental, Optional Long-Term Disability Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Transit/Parking Reimbursement, Optional Term Life Insurance, Dependent Term Life Insurance, or Long-Term Care Insurance coverage from Columbia University for the remainder of the calendar year. 

Contact the Benefits Service Center: 212-851-7000 | hrbenefits@columbia.edu |  Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

For Officers of the University and Support Staff 

2015 - Guides to What's New For Open Enrollment and Benefits Highlights

  • What's New for 2015
  • Who is Eligible for Benefits
  • Making Changes to Your Benefits During the Year
  • Medical Coverage
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) - Healthcare and Dependent Care
  • Transit/Parking Reimbursement Programs (T/PRP)
  • Retirement Plans
The EAP offers confidential support for active Columbia University Officers and Support Staff, and their households.

Frequently asked questions about Medical, Dental, Retirement, Life Insurance, Transit, Parking, Life Status Changes, and other Columbia University Benefits.

View information about retiree medical plans, including rates for the current year, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and medical plan comparison information.

The pages in this section are intended to provide you with basic information about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Current COBRA medical and dental rates
Columbia University offers the Adoption Assistance Program to help with the costs incurred by adoptive parents. Full-time, regular Officers and full-time, regular Non-Union Support Staff are eligible for this program.
Columbia University offers the Surrogacy Assistance Program (the “Program”) to help eligible employees with the Eligible Expenses incurred when using a surrogate to assist in carrying and giving birth to a child.

Enrollment instructions and rates for medical plan benefits for postdoctoral fellows.

Summaries of Benefits & Coverage (SBCs), Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) & Retirement Plan Disclosure Statements

The HR/Benefits website is intended only to provide information for the guidance of Columbia University Officers, staff and union employees. The writers of the content have exercised their best efforts to ensure accuracy of the information, but accuracy is not guaranteed. If there are any discrepancies between the information on the website, verbal representations and the Plan documents, the Plan documents will always govern. The information is subject to change from time to time, and the University reserves the right to change or terminate these Plans at any time. The information contained on the website is not intended to replace the plan documents, nor is the information in any way intended to imply a contract.


Newly Hired Faculty & Staff Checklist

University Holidays

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Time away from Work:
Disability, Leaves of Absence and
Related Policies


Discounts for Faculty & Staff

Cigna and UHC POS 100: Labs at NYP with no copay (PDF)  

Women's Health: Guidelines for Breast Pump Coverage (PDF) 

Carrier Contacts

NEW! Mobile Contact List
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contact information for Transit/Parking, Flexible Spending Accounts, Medical Carriers, Prescriptions, Dental Carriers, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Retirement Planning and Travel Coverage, at your fingertips.


Travel Coverage

International SOS
Travel Assistance Program

Global Support
The Global Support website has helpful information on administrative matters related to Columbia University’s work outside the U.S. 

Frontier MedEx -
Available to benefits-eligible employees who are covered under Columbia University’s Term Life Insurance from The Standard. If your life insurance coverage is provided to you by your union, the Frontier MedEx benefit does not apply to you. 
U.S. phone: 800-527-0218
International Phone: +1-410-453-6330
MedEx Brochure (PDF)

Cigna International Plan -
Available to certain benefits-eligible Officers who will be out of the U.S. for 6 months or more while on Columbia University’s U.S. payroll
Cigna Global Health Benefits Member Kit (PDF)
Health Plan Documents (PDF)