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    Benefits News

    Learning at Any Age

    Did you know that many colleges and universities offer heavily discounted classes for senior citizens? Did you know that the Internet is full of learning opportunities, sometimes taught by top teachers? Did you know that learning a new language or skill can actually increase the size of your brain? Learning is valuable at any age. This month’s feature highlights information on:

    • Going back to school
    • Continuing education
    • Online learning
    • Educational opportunities for retirees

    The featured webinar this month is Preparing Your Child for College. When teenagers go off to college, they face a myriad of adventures and challenges requiring a wide variety of skills, from handling money to resisting unhealthy peer pressure to doing the laundry – not to mention taking advanced classes. This webinar focuses on providing your child with skills, knowledge, and your emotional support.

    To learn more and view this month's featured webinar, visit http://portal.harrisrothenberg.net/Default.aspx?tabid=6091. (Username: Columbia Password: eap)