Officers - Cost of Coverage: Your Contributions

Contributions are the amount you pay toward the cost of your medical, vision and prescription drug coverage through pre-tax payroll contributions. Your healthcare contributions are deducted from your pay before any taxes are taken out.


2018 Monthly Pre-Tax Contributions for Medical & Rx Coverage

Salary Tier

Yourself Only

Yourself & Spouse or
Domestic Partner

Yourself &


$0 - $44,999
High Deductible Health Plan$5$18$8$21
Choice Plus 80$18$61$32$74
Choice Plus 90$26$88$46$109
Choice Plus 100$90$251$162$323
$45,000 - $59,999    
High Deductible Health Plan$14$46$24$56
Choice Plus 80$48$169$87$207
Choice Plus 90$72$247$128$304
Choice Plus 100$252$705$453$904
$60,000 - $79,000    
High Deductible Health Plan$23$76$39$91
Choice Plus 80$65$225$117$227
Choice Plus 90$95$331$171$407
Choice Plus 100$331$925$594$1,187
$80,000 - $134,999    
High Deductible Health Plan$27$89$47$109
Choice Plus 80$75$264$135$324
Choice Plus 90$112$387$199$475
Choice Plus 100$377$1,051$676$1,354
$135,000 - $174,999
High Deductible Health Plan$30$99$51$120
Choice Plus 80$86$294$153$362
Choice Plus 90$124$430$222$531
Choice Plus 100$407$1,135$730$1,459
$175,000 - $224,999 
High Deductible Health Plan$38$132$67$161
Choice Plus 80$106$371$191$457
Choice Plus 90$156$544$280$669
Choice Plus 100$535$1,497$963$1,924
$225,000 - $299,999 
High Deductible Health Plan$43$151$79$187
Choice Plus 80$127$441$228$541
Choice Plus 90$186$646$332$792
Choice Plus 100$576$1,610$1,036$2,070
High Deductible Health Plan$55$196$101$242
Choice Plus 80$148$518$267$636
Choice Plus 90$218$759$390$932
Choice Plus 100$592$1,655$1,064$2,127

Your pre-tax contributions are based on which plan you select, who you cover and your Annual Benefits Salary. Your Annual Benefits Salary is calculated as of July 1 each year and is the greater of (a) your base salary or (b) your prior 12 months’ compensation from the University as of June 30 each year, including certain approved additional and private practice compensation, and excluding any Housing allowance. 



2018 Monthly Pre-Tax Contributions for Medical & Rx Coverage
(Part-Time Officers of Administration)
Salary TierYourself OnlyYourself & Spouse or
Domestic Partner
Yourself &
Regular Part-time Salaried Officers of Administration
High Deductible Health Plan$292$612$553$872
Choice Plus 80$343$720$651$1,029
Choice Plus 90$404$847$767$1,210
Choice Plus 100$525$1,102$996$1,573


Same-Sex Domestic Partner Credit

Federal income tax rules require that your contributions toward the coverage of a same-sex domestic partner be deducted from your pay on an after-tax basis. In addition, University contributions toward the total cost of coverage for your samesex domestic partner are taxable to you. To assist with this tax burden, if you are eligible for same-sex domestic partner medical coverage and you elect coverage, Columbia will provide a credit of $1,000 per year ($41.67 per pay period), beginning the pay period following the effective date of your election.