Disability Workplace Accommodations

Faculty and staff with permanent or temporary medical conditions may have a spectrum of needs that can be addressed by HR Leave Management. The office can provide the following services:

  • Arrange permanent or temporary accommodations in your workplace
  • Assist you in understanding the medical leave policies, benefits and documentation you may need to submit
  • Ease your transition from a medical leave back to work at the University
  • Be a resource on disability-related issues in the workplace
Whether you are returning from a medical leave, have a chronic condition, or need an accommodation for a temporary injury or the effects of a medical procedure, we can coordinate with your department, when appropriate, to get you what you need. If you need a workplace accommodation, please submit a Request for Reasonable Accommodation form and a Disability Release form to our office. University policies conform to the provision of the Americans With Disabilities Act. we may be contacted for a confidential consultation at:
HR Leave Management
615 West 131st Street, MC 8703
Studebaker 4th Floor
New York, NY 10027
Telephone: (212) 851-0698
Fax: (212) 851-7069