Probationary Performance Evaluation (NUSS)


The Non-Union Support Staff (NUSS) Probationary Performance Evaluation Form is designed to assist the supervisor in deciding whether or not each new NUSS employee has satisfactorily completed the probationary period. The supervisor should also use the evaluation form and subsequent discussion with the employee to promote job understanding, elicit and give feedback, and aid in employee development.

The NUSS Probationary Performance Evaluation Form should be completed by the supervisor at least midway into the probationary period and discussed with the new employee. No later than seven calendar days before the end of the employee's probationary period, the form should be revised, if necessary, and discussed with the employee.

If the employee has not satisfactorily completed the probationary period, a decision should be made and approved by the department head whether to 1) terminate the employee, or 2) extend the probationary period for an additional period of time. In either case, the employee must be told in writing. A copy of the letter plus a copy of the evaluation form should be forwarded to The Office of Labor and Employee Relations.

If the probationary period is extended, the letter to the employee should indicate the specific criteria which must be met. Before the end of the extended period, the supervisor should reevaluate the employee's performance. Employees should be informed if they have met the indicated criteria and passed the extended probationary period. If the employee has not successfully completed the extended probationary period, employment should be terminated in writing without further notice. A copy of the termination letter plus a copy of the updated evaluation form must be forwarded to The Office of Labor and Employee Relations.


Access the Probationary Performance Evaluation Form located in the Forms & Documents section of the HR Website.