Time and Attendance Forms: Hourly Officers

General Guidelines

Hourly Officers are Officers of Research, Officers of the Libraries or Officers of Administration who, by Federal regulation under the FLSA, or State regulation under the New York State Wage Orders, must be categorized as non-exempt because they earn less than the applicable salary threshold.

Hourly Officers are paid on the bi-weekly payroll schedule. A copy of the current bi-weekly payroll calendar is available under "related documents"

Record of Hours Worked:

  • A record of hours worked must be completed and submitted in accordance with your department’s process on a bi-weekly basis. The timesheet is available under "related documents"

  • If you anticipate needing to work in excess of your standard hours, you must first obtain approval from your Principal Investigator or Chair or Director of the Institute or Center (Officers of Research) or your manager (Officers of the Libraries and Officers of Administration).

  • If you do work more than your standard weekly hours, you are entitled to be compensated for all hours worked. Any hours between your standard hours and 40 will be paid at your regular hourly rate. Any hours in excess of 40 in a week will be compensated at the rate of one-and-one-half times your regular rate.