Grievance Procedures

Employment & HR Client Services

615 West 131 Street, MC 8704
Floor 4 Studebaker
Phone: (212) 851-7008

Officers of Administration and Non-Union Support Staff

The University provides formal grievance procedures for its employees in the event of suspensions or discharge. Officers of Administration and Non-Union Support Staff must begin the grievance procedure within 30 days after the action (suspension or discharge) that precipitates the complaint. For more information, contact your supervisor or a member of the Employment & HR Client Services staff.

Separate grievance procedures for Officers of Instruction and Research are listed in the Faculty Handbook.

Office of Labor Relations

615 West 131 Street, MC 8710
Floor 5 Studebaker
Phone: 212-851-4089
Fax: 212-234-1819

Support Staff in Collective Bargaining Agreements

Those represented by a collective bargaining agreement must refer to the grievance procedure in that agreement.

Discrimination & Harassment

For complaints of discrimination and harassment, a separate procedure applies to all Faculty & Staff, administered by the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office.