Local 1199, Local 32B-32J, Local 100, MEBA and MM&P - Tuition Benefits

Columbia University offers tuition benefit programs to support the education of you and your family. You can review your tuition eligibility by logging in to CUBES. You will be asked to enter your UNI and password and confirm your access using multifactor authentication (DUO). Once logged in, select "Tuition." On the Tuition Programs page, under Within Columbia University, select “Tuition Exemption – For Yourself.”


Your employment at Columbia, or at other nonprofit or governmental entities, may entitle you to certain loan forgiveness under the US Department of Education’s Public Loan Forgiveness Program. Questions about eligibility and qualifying loan payments must be directed to the US Department of Education. For more information, please carefully review the information provided by the U.S. Department of Education(link is external).