Personal Leave

Personal Leave of Absence

This leave is applicable to all full-time Officers of Administration, benefits-eligible part-time Officers of Administration and Non-Union Support Staff.

A full-time employee who has completed twelve months of service may be granted a leave of absence for personal reasons, without pay, not to exceed six months. These leaves are granted only in cases not covered by any other University policy for leaves of absence and require the approval of both the employee’s department head and the Office of the Vice President for Human Resources.

Some typical reasons for granting such leaves include: illness in the family; education; or compelling personal needs. The University reserves the right to require written substantiation of the conditions prompting the need for such a leave of absence. Although not guaranteed, the department will make every effort to return an employee who has been granted a leave of absence for personal reasons to the same position upon completion of the leave, or a comparable position within the same department.

As with other unpaid leaves, an employee is not entitled to holiday pay or to the accrual of vacation or sick day benefits while on an unpaid personal leave. Health and other insurance benefits coverage may continue during the unpaid leave by the employee directly paying premiums by contacting HR Benefits.