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Employee Records

Keeping Records Updated
Access to Employee Records

Keeping Records Updated

Human Resources Information Services

615 West 131st Street, Studebaker, 4th Floor, MC 8702
Telephone: (212) 851-2888 (PAC Service Center)
Fax: (212) 851-2990
Contact the PAC Service Center

Information ranging from home address and marriage date to title and salary is maintained for every University Faculty & Staff member.

If any of your personal contact information changes (for example, home, office, and e-mail addresses; phone and fax numbers), you should update it yourself by signing into the MyColumbia Portal at my.columbia.edu. On the “Faculty and Staff” tab, select “People @ Columbia – Self-Service” and then “Update Your Personal Information.”

For other information (e.g., marriage information or name change), ask your departmental administrator, supervisor, or local Human Resources office to submit changes on a Personnel Action Form (PAF).

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Access to Employee Records

Labor Relations

615 West 131st Street, Mail Code 8710
Floor 5 Studebaker
Telephone: (212) 870-2801

Employment & HR Client Services

615 West 131st Street, MC 8704
Floor 4 Studebaker
Telephone: (212) 851-7008

You may review the contents of your personnel file by making arrangements through Human Resources. Support Staff in a collective bargaining unit should contact Labor Relations; all other Faculty and Staff should contact Employee Relations. However, the contents of the file remain the exclusive property of the University. Copies of material contained in your file may be made only with the approval of the Vice President of Human Resources.

Information for every employee—including name, title, department, office address, and office telephone—is updated regularly in the online Columbia University Directory

It is the University’s policy to furnish information contained in your personnel file when a lawful subpoena or court order has been properly served. In most circumstances, the University will attempt to notify you when such a request has been made.

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