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New Officers and Support Staff Checklist

Welcome to Columbia

Congratulations on becoming a new member of the Columbia community. You are joining the diverse group of people who make the University great.

Please use this checklist to make sure all necessary tax forms and benefits elections are complete as you start your new position.

Step-by-Step Checklist for Officers and Support Staff:

  1. Employment Eligibility:
    • On or before your first day of work, you need to complete Section 1 of the I-9 Form.
    • Within 3 business days of your start date, visit an I-9 Service Center to complete Form I-9, Section 2. Remember to bring the appropriate original documents with you, as listed in Section 1 of the I-9 online.
  2. Taxation: Fill out your W-4 form (PDF) along with your IT2104 form (PDF) or IT2104.1 form (PDF) and give them to your hiring manager.
  3. Computing: Work with your hiring manager to obtain and activate your UNI, your Columbia computing account.
  4. Identification Cards: Get a University ID card. Please know that some locations require additional building identification cards; see your supervisor for guidance.
  5. Benefits Eligibility: For those who are eligible, Benefits Highlights provides information on electing medical, dental, and retirement plan benefits. Note that if you are a part-time employee you may be eligible for certain benefits. Casual employees are not eligible for benefits at Columbia.
    You must elect your Benefits within 31 days of your start date.
    • Read the appropriate Benefits Highlights to learn about your options. There are five versions of Benefits Highlights; if you misplace your copy and are not sure which group you belong to, ask your supervisor:
      • Benefits Highlights for Officers
        View 2014 Benefits Orientation Presentation for Officers
      • Benefits Highlights for Local 2110 and Non-Union Support Staff 
      • Benefits Highlights for SSA
      • Benefits Highlights for TWU
      • Benefits Highlights for Local 100, 32B-32J, 1199, MEBA & MM&P 
    • Log in with your UNI and password to the CU Online Benefits Enrollment System and make your benefits elections. 
      You may call the HR Benefits Service Center at 212-851-7000 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, if you have any questions about electing your benefits.
  6. Orientation: As soon as possible after your first day of work, attend an orientation to learn more about the University and the benefits in which you can enroll. 
  7. Direct Deposit Online: You can sign up to directly deposit your pay into your savings account, checking account, or both, by logging into the myColumbia portal with your UNI and password. Please see the Direct Deposit Instructions to learn more.
  8. Sign up for Text Message Notifications, if you would like to receive them. Text messages sent to cell phones will be used in rare cases when a very brief message can be sent. Some possible scenarios for choosing to send a text message include weather emergencies, major transit interruptions and campus closures. The University also will continue to use email, phone and in-person communications.
    To register:
    • Visit https://my.columbia.edu/
    • Log in using your UNI and password
    • Click on the “Faculty & Staff” tab at the top of the page
    • Click on “Update Personal Information”
    • Select “Mobile” from the phone type and add your mobile phone number
    • Click “Save”
  9. Working at Columbia: Once you have started work, we recommend you refer to Working at Columbia, the HR guide to life at the University and in the neighborhood.