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Working at Columbia

Message from the President

Welcome to Columbia University. Columbia takes pride in the quality of our faculty, students, and staff. Whatever your role, you have been carefully selected for your outstanding skills, talents, and character. As a Columbian, you will be valued and recognized for the quality of your work.

The University’s advancement depends on a commitment to excellence by all of us who are its employees. As you probably will come to recognize, Columbia is a diverse and complex institution, which provides a challenging and stimulating environment. Together we must provide exceptional service and support to the entire University community.

I am delighted that you are joining our ranks of dedicated and valued Columbians, and I wish you well in your career in this special place.

— Lee C. Bollinger

Welcome to Columbia, New Faculty & Staff 

Congratulations on becoming a new member of the Columbia community. You are joining the diverse group of people who make the University great.

Please use this checklist to make sure all necessary tax forms and benefits elections are complete as you start your new position.

A quick reference guide to find all you need to know about working and living at Columbia.
A general introduction to Columbia, plus sources of additional information.
An overview of workplace rules, plus offices to go to when you need assistance.
Departments and vendors around the University who can help you get things done.
The University's cultural life, including art, music, sports, and more.
A guide to the neighborhoods around Columbia's campuses, including extensive restaurant listings.
Tips for staying safe around campus and in your workplace.