PAC System Announcement Archive

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Active Issues as of:


03/07/2016: Clearing your Browser Cache. Some PAC users have reported that PAC was running slowly on Monday. If you are experiencing issues with loading pages and searching for information in PAC, instructions on how to clear your browser cache can be found on the Finance Gateway at the following link Please be sure to clear all cookies, temporary internet files, form data and history.  If using IE, be sure to deselect "Preserve Favorites website data".

02/25/2016: Update to PAC Salary Distributions and Cost Transfers. Beginning on Friday, February 26th, a new pop-up message will appear when a cost transfer or salary distribution transaction to a sponsored project is entered. This message is to remind initiators to carefully review all allocations to sponsored projects to ensure that the charge reasonably reflects the work performed for the time period.

02/01/16: Direct Deposit Pay Advices.  Effective March 4, 2016, paper pay advices will no longer be distributed.  An e-mail to all support staff, both union and non-union, who currently receive their pay via direct deposit, was sent on Friday, January 29th.  Hard copies of this same communication will also be distributed with the February 5, 2016 weekly pay advices and the February 12, 2016 bi-weekly pay advices.  If you are responsible for distribution of pay advices to support staff and non-student casual employees within your School / department, please ensure you share copies of the communication when distributing the pay advices on February 5th and 12th.  Thank you for your assistance.