Columbia University Employment Information Center


Our dedicated team of expert and caring professionals provides a variety of useful employment services and training programs that assist visitors in obtaining meaningful work at Columbia University or elsewhere in the community.

Since 2004, the Employment information Center has operated in west Harlem as a source of information and a critical access point to make Columbia job applications more accessible to the local community. The Center also provides enhanced training programs and job-search counseling services designed to strengthen not only the individual applicant, but also the community.

We're Here to Help

Upon entering the Employment Information Center, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, who will orient you to the Center and its resources. We have sought to create a pleasant environment in which to learn about job opportunities at the University, as well as the training programs and job search counseling services offered directly through the Center.

The Center is an access point to apply for open positions at the University as well as gain job search assistance and participate in training programs. Center staff help facilitate the hiring process, but schools and departments remain responsible for hiring decisions and informing candidates of direct employment offers.