PAC Time and Absence Management

Phased Rollout based on Implementation Schedule

Absence Management is a module within the People @ Columbia (PAC) application that allows employees to see their current balances for vacation, sick and personal days at the end of each pay period.

Time Reporting is a module  that allows employees to enter their timesheets electronically directly into PAC.

Employees will view absence balances and enter their time off through my.Columbia Employee Self-Service. The information stored in the system will be the authoritative source for balances and allow the University to have an accurate estimate for these paid time off categories. Time Reporters will also access their timesheets through my.Columbia.

Please refer to the links on the right side of this page for training documents.

For questions about the various University leave policies, please refer to the Time Off Work policies, available in the Policy Library.



Absence Management Roles
1.     Employees
> Enter, maintain and/or view their own time off information in HR Self Service
> Time Reporters can also enter absences for the current pay period through their timesheet
2.     Managers
        > View, approve and/or maintain absence information for those who are their direct reports
        > May temporarily delegate the absence manager role to anothe manager in the department
3.     Departmental Time Administrators
        > Can correct all absence events, i.e., time off entries, in Absence Management for semi-monthly-paid
        > Has access to absence data for an entire department
If you have questions, please contact your Departmental Time Administrator or the HR Service Center by phone at 212-851-2888 or via the online ServiceNow tool.(link is external)