Benefits for PostDocs

How to Enroll in a Medical Plan

    • Indicate (1) the plan and coverage level you desire and (2) dependent information (if applicable);
    • Sign and date the form;
    • Have your Departmental Administrator complete, sign and date the "Department Information" section of the form.
  1. If you are enrolling in the CIGNA POS 100 or CIGNA POS 90 Plan, or the HIP or Aetna HMO plan, you must designate a Primary Care Physician to receive benefits. Please contact the carrier to obtain the appropriate form to do so.
  2. If you are enrolling dependents, you must also provide the appropriate evidence of the relationship: a marriage certificate, birth certificate, proof of adoption, or evidence of partnership (i.e. two pieces of documentation that show shared financial responsibility).
    Dependent Social Security Numbers
    Recent Federal legislation requires that each family member covered under a medical plan has a Social Security Number for coverage to be continued.
    The legislation requires group health plans to report the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of employees’ covered spouses and dependent children who are enrolled in health insurance, and providing for fines for group plans that do not comply. To meet this requirement, Columbia University must deny or cancel spouse and dependent medical, prescription, and dental coverage for any employees who do not provide valid SSNs. This policy applies to those employees with current coverage as well as any employees enrolling in coverage for the first time. Providing SSNs will protect you and the University from fines of $1,000 per day, per person, for those without a valid SSN.
  3. Return all forms to your Departmental Administrator within 14 days of your appointment.

Medical Plan Options

  1. For a summary of your options, consult Benefits for Officers.
  2. See the 2009 Rates page for a comparison of the premiums you would have to pay under each plan.
  3. For a list of Primary Care Physicians, contact the carrier directly.