Work Study Students

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is designed to promote part-time employment for students who qualify for help in financing their education. The Federal Work-Study Office provides a wide range of student career opportunities while supporting departmental needs within the University and community.

A department that wishes to hire students through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program must follow the regulations of this federally funded program. The policies and procedures are described by the FWS Office on the Columbia University Federal Work-Study website.

Key Actions:
  • Carefully review all information and requirements on the FWS program website for on-campus employers
  • Request an FWS allocation from the Office of the Provost. If the allocation is granted, both you and the FWS Office will be notified of the allocation and the amount.
  • On the FWS website under the link for On-Campus Employers, request log-in permission and complete the User profile
  • Create and post job listings in the FWS online system
  • Only allow the student to begin work once the hire has been approved and notification received from the FWS Office

Note: Work-Study student employees should not be confused with student officers of instruction and research who receive an academic appointment.