Temporary University Employees


For various reasons, such as an employee taking leave for more than 4 months, you may need to hire a temporary employee for more time than a short-term casual or agency temp are allowed. 

The main advantage of temporary University employees is that you can hire them for extended periods with benefits, whereas short-term casuals and agency temps are limited to 560 hours in a 12-month period. Because of this, it makes sense to fill certain positions with temporary University employees, such as:

  • A position where an employee is on an extended leave of absence for more than 4 months
  • A position for which an extended search is being conducted for a permanent replacement, and the search period is expected to exceed 4 months
  • A special project/initiative expected to last more than 4 months

There is little advantage in hiring a temporary University employee for less than four months, as such an employee would not be eligible for benefits.


for officer of administration positions that last 12 months or less, you are not required to post or submit paperwork for monitoring review. However, regular University posting and administrative monitoring procedures apply to officer positions of more than 12 months and to support-staff positions of more than four months, or when a temporary University employee is hired as a permanent employee.

Temporary University employees whose positions are covered by a bargaining agreement are covered by that agreement. Employees in collective bargaining unit positions must receive at least the minimum stated weekly rate, depending on classification. To have the position appropriately classified, contact your HR Client Manager at (212) 851-7008.


Full-time University employees hired on a temporary basis, so long as it is for a period of at least four months, are eligible for the same benefits as long-term employees. Part-time employees are generally not eligible for fringe benefits unless they work more than 20 hours (10 hours for 1199) and perform support-staff level duties. Consult any applicable collective bargaining agreement for more information. 


Temporary employees are hired using the same TBH or PAF process as all other types of hires.