Managing Job Searches Overview

Careful recruitment planning and execution helps managers hire individuals who are well matched for positions. Excellent employee/job matches result in new employees who help organizations achieve their goals and get satisfaction from their work. One of a manager’s greatest challenges is managing teams. It is highly unlikely that managers can manage effectively without hiring effectively. In other words, it’s worth it for hiring managers to manage each search carefully.

In today’s workplace, managers are usually juggling competing responsibilities and priorities. It may seem too time-consuming to conduct a search. However, when a poor hiring decision is made, managers spend a great deal of energy and effort to start the recruitment initiative all over again.

The Hiring Department’s Role in the Recruitment Process

Hiring department responsibilities include:

  • Drafting job postings and advertising text.
  • Proposing placement location for advertisements, when applicable.
  • Ensuring that all applicants apply through the JAC (Jobs At Columbia) System.
  • Reviewing the applications and other documents to screen for the best qualified applicants.
  • Interviewing applicants.
  • Conducting reference checks.
  • Ensuring that selectees meet the minimum job requirements as posted on the job posting.
  • Obtaining clearances when required, making job offers, thoroughly completing hiring documentation and new hire paperwork.
  • Ensuring that I-9 forms are completed within 72 hours of the hire date.
  • Providing job/department specific orientation and training.
  • Scheduling the new hire to attend the CUHR new employee orientation.

The Role of Human Resources in the Recruitment Process

Human Resources Client Services will:

  • Review and approve job posting text and qualifying questions, when applicable.
  • Provide guidance on using the JAC (Jobs at Columbia) System.
  • Provide assistance as needed throughout the hiring process.
  • Verify that selectees in all grades meet the minimum posted job requirements.