Reappoint an Academic Officer


Academic personnel, except those with Tenure or Tenure of Title, can be appointed for no more than one year. Academic personnel can be reappointed either by roster or by PAF.


If unable to use a roster, print an Active PAF for the employee from the People @ Columbia system. Print/type information directly on the form, completing the required fields. Verify that the form is complete, sign it, and route it to the appropriate office for approval. The Final Approver will forward the form to the HRPC.

Active PAF: The form is available through the People @ Columbia system: 

  1. Log into the MyColumbia portal ( and go to the “Administration” page. Under the Tools menu, click on the People @ Columbia — Self Service, then click on Manager Self Service. This takes you to “People @ Columbia.”
  2. On the left navigation bar in “People @ Columbia,” click on the following folder path: Manager Self Service > Job and Personal Information > Employee Personal Information.
  3. Click on the employee name.
  4. On the “Employee Information” page, click on Generate PAF for Employee. This will generate a PAF with the fields populated for the employee’s information.

Action/Reason Codes (Academic Reappointments/Rehires)

Action CodeReason CodeReason
REHCNWUse if the person is already terminated.
REHREHUse if the person worked at Columbia previously but this is their first Academic Appointment.
DTACNWUse if you are extending a current appointment or future-dating the reappointment.

Required Steps & Field Descriptions

Step 1 – Top

Eff. Date, Action, Reason: Indicate Action (e.g., REH) and Reason from the above table, along with the Effective Date for this Action/Reason.

Step 2 – Work Eligibility

If a non-US citizen, check and update as appropriate.

Step 3 – Position/Salary Information

Position Entry Date: Enter the date that the person entered their current position.

Appt/Comp. Rate Eff Date: Enter the date that the appointment and/or compensation is effective.
Note: Appointment Effective Date cannot be more than 12 months from the Appt/Comp. Rate End Date.

Appt/Comp. Rate End Date: Enter the date that the appointment and/or compensation ends (if applicable).

Note: All academic personnel with the exception of faculty with tenure or tenure of title and officers of the libraries must have Appt./Comp. Rate End Dates.

Step 4 – Authorization/Approvals

Name, Title, Date: The names, titles, and dates of approval of you, any other approver in your department, and the Final Approver for your campus.