Processing Hire Transactions

Template-Based Hires and Rehires in PAC

Template-Based Hires (TBH) is a function within People @ Columbia where new hire and rehire transactions are initiated electronically in the departments and schools through templates. A document attachment feature allows you to attach any documents necessary, and the electronic workflow allows for a paperless approval process.

This function also integrates Salary Distributions and Additional Compensation payments known at the time of hire into the templates. This functionality ensures that monies are charged to the correct funding arrangement and not to suspense.

Access to Template-Based Hires is provided to employees at Columbia University who initiate and approve hiring transactions. The Human Resources Processing Center (HRPC) completes the hire/rehire transactions and creates the PAC record.

There is a campus specific template to use depending on the type of employee you are hiring or rehiring:

  • Hire-Academic: to hire academic officers (Morningside campus)
  • Rehire-Academic: to rehire academic officers (Morningside campus)
  • Hire-Clinical: to hire academic officers (CUMC campus). Used for academic officers who hold a clinical appointment and also for those who do not.
  • Rehire-Clinical: to rehire academic officers (CUMC campus). Used for academic officers who hold a clinical appointment and also for those who do not.
  • Administrative Hire: to hire all types of administrative staff (Morningside and CUMC campuses)
  • Administrative Rehire: to rehire all types of administrative staff (CUMC and Morningside campuses)

For information on how to complete the template-based hire transactions, please refer to the Template-Based Hires Page 1 Training Guide and the Template-Based Hires Page 2 (Labor Accounting) Training Guide.

Encryption software should be installed to ensure the security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Click here for more information on encryption tools. Please also review the University Registration and Protection of Endpoints Policy.

Visit the Training Catalog for detailed information on processing hire transactions.

There are certain employment instances where TBH is not used:

  • Students who are Teaching Assistants (TAs) or Departmental Research Assistants (DRAs) who receive a stipend and have a Bursar/Financial Aid record in the Student Information Services (SIS) system. These students receive a PAC identity via the SIS feed which does not allow the TBH entry to be completed
  • Students who are active in the Work-Study system. These students receive a PAC identity via the work-Study feed which does not allow the TBH entry to be completed
  • Personnel whose hire date occurred more than 3 months prior to today's date
  • Personnel awaiting a Social Security Number
  • People being hired with multiple jobs/appointments or those being hired into an additional job
  • Academic personnel with stipends (post-doctoral research fellows and post-doctoral clinical fellows)
  • academic personnel who are reappointed on rosters
  • Academic personnel going on leave immediately upon hire

For these types of hires, submit a paper New Hire Personnel Action Form (PAF) for Administrative hires or a paper Nomination form for Academic hires.

Paper Process for New Hires

The information entered onto the paper forms is the same information that is entered into the electronic templates in TBH.  For a description of the fields, how to complete them, and the list of documents that must be attached, refer to the training materials in the Training Catalog.

Using the Nomination Form/New Hire PAF

  1. Access the Nomination Form / PAF
  2. Type information directly on the form. Enter information on the form and use the drop down boxes. Please do not hand-write the information
  3. Verify that the form is complete. Review the entries to verify that the information is correct and that all of the appropriate fields have been completed.
  4. Print, sign and route the form. once the form is complete, print it and have it signed by the person in your department with the security access to sign PAFs it then route it to the appropriate office for approval along with the required documents.  The Final Approver will forward the complete file to the HRPC.  The list of required documents can be found in the Attaching Documents in TBH Job Aid.

Please refer to the How to Complete a PAF Job Aid for complete information on the fields required.

Paper Process for Rehires and Reappointments

A rehire is someone who was previously employed by the University and is returning to work at the University.  As the person was previously employed here, he / she is considered a rehire and not a new hire.

A reappointment is a renewal of a term appointment for academic officers.


Academic personnel, except those with Tenure or Tenure of Title, can be appointment for no more than one year. Academic personnel can be reappointed either by roster or by PAF. Please reference the Faculty Handbook for additional information about academic hires.


Academic personnel on regular term appointments are rehired via the roster process.  A memo with information about processing rosters is provided by the Provost Office and sent directly to Departmental Administrators during the specific Spring, Summer, and Fall terms.  To rehire an administrative employee or an academic employee not rehired using a roster, follow the steps below.

  1. Generate an Active PAF for the employee from the Employee Personal Information page in the Manager Self-Service section of People @ Columbia. For more information on how to print PAF's, access the MSS guide.
  2. Enter the action/reason codes and effective date at the top of the PAF (see the chart below)
  3. In the appropriate sections of the PAF, draw / type a single line through information that needs to be changed and print / type the new information in the updated fields. Verify that the form is complete, sign it, attach the appropriate documentation and route it to the appropriate office for approval, along with the required supporting paperwork for the transaction

Please refer to the How to Complete a PAF Job Aid for complete information on the fields required.

Action/Reason codes (Academic and Administrative Hires and Academic Re-appointments / Administrative Rehires)

Below are the applicable action / reason codes for an Academic or Administrative Hire and for an academic reappointment / administrative rehire.  Enter these on the top of the PAF or Nomination form to indicate the purpose for the submission.

NOM/PAFAction CodeReason CodeReasonDescription
NOM/PAFHIRNEWNew HireUsed for most new hires
NOM/PAFHIRMJBMultiple JobsUsed to hire someone into multiple positions
PAFREHREHRehirePreviously worked at Columbia
PAFREHCNWContract RenewalRenew academic officer's contract
PAFDTACNWContract RenewalExtends current appointment


For a complete list of Action/Reason codes, please refer to the PAF Action/Reason Codes Job Aid.