Hiring Steps Overview

All administrative positions, including senior and executive level positions, must be posted through the Jobs at Columbia (JAC) website for a minimum of five (5) full business days.

Note: Grades 14/106 and above require a longer posting period of 14 calendar days.

As an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, we practice outreach to attract a skilled and diverse pool of qualified applicants. In a limited number of instances, posting waivers may be granted by Human Resources or EOAA in line with the University’s Affirmative Action Plan. Hiring managers should also become familiar with University policies regarding employment of relatives, dual employment and employment of minors.

Once a position has been posted, job advertisements may be placed in external publications, if warranted. Positions may be posted simultaneously on Columbia’s website and external sources. However, positions must not be posted externally before being posted by Columbia University. Consult with CUHR for information about publications appropriate for the search. Advertising is not usually required for support staff or junior level officer positions. External advertising is required for senior level positions grades 14/106 and above, and for some other positions when data indicates that a diverse outreach effort is needed.


Filling Searches in JAC

Once a search has been filled, it is essential for departments to enter all final selection information into the system in order to generate the applicant pool report. This allows accurate selectee information to be tracked and for any applicants checking on the status of a search to access the most up-to-date information.

Reopening Searches for Filled Officer/Non-Union Support Staff Positions

In general, searches may not be reopened once filled. However, there are two instances in which an officer-level search may be continued using an existing applicant pool. Should the following situations occur, the department must request approval to use an existing pool from Human Resources, depending on the level of the position.

Note: Searches for positions covered by bargaining agreements may not be filled without reposting unless the job posting specifically states that there are multiple vacancies to be filled.

A search may be resumed without reposting the vacancy if the selectee withdraws acceptance before being hired and the department has identified other finalists within the existing applicant pool who are well qualified for the position. (The department may opt to resume the search with reposting, on the other hand, if there are not any other highly qualified finalists.) Professional reference checks will be required for the replacement selectee.
Departments may also use the applicant pool from a search conducted within 90 days prior to the date of posting if the position is the same or closely matched. The positions must have the same title and grade and similar job duties, skill requirements and recruitment criteria. In this instance, each position must be posted for the minimum five business day posting period.

Waivers from Intensive Recruitment for Administrative Officer Job Vacancies

All waivers must be posted on Jobs at Columbia for review and approval by CUHR (grades 10-13/103-105) and EEOA grades 14 and above or 106 and above).

Waivers may be sought for new hires, transfers, promotions, and placements following reorganization.  All waivers from the requirements for an intensive search plan to fill a vacancy requests for officers of administration grades 14 or 106 and higher must be cleared in advance by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and must be accompanied by a letter from the department head, giving the reasons for seeking a waiver and the compelling circumstances justifying it.

All waivers from the requirements for an intensive search plan to fill a vacancy requests for officers of administration grades 10-13 and 103-105 are reviewed and approved by CUHR.

The guidelines for posting job vacancies internally have been updated. Job vacancies in which a candidate within the department has been identified and is being considered for the position, must be posted on the Jobs at Columbia website for a minimum of five business days. The job posting must contain specific language to indicate that an internal candidate has been identified and is being considered for the position.

Please consult with your HR Client Manager for guidance on overall posting requirements. Please refer to the Administrative Officer Hiring Process Quick Guide (PDF) for further information and details on waiver guidelines.

Temporary University Positions

Temporary University positions, those with a duration of less than one year, are not required to be posted. However, if the position status should change from temporary to permanent, the position must be posted at that time and a search conducted. Therefore it may be beneficial (though not required) for a department to post a temporary position of less than one year when there is a possibility that the position will become permanent.

Note: See the appropriate collective bargaining agreement for language on temporary employees. Also see the Manager’s Guide to Short-term Casual and Temporary Hiring.