Viewing Employee Information

Viewing Employee Information

All of the faculty and staff information in the department(s) to which you have access will appear on the Job and Personal Information page in PAC. Here you can view personal information such as email address and birthday, view job information such as check address and job summary and edit other information such as address, phone number, and emergency contact.

Viewing Non-Active Faculty & Staff

On the Employee List, only active faculty and staff are displayed. To view faculty and staff who are not active (for example, on a Leave of Absence, Terminated, etc.), select an Effective Date when they were in active status:

  • Go to the ”View Employee Personal Info” page within the Job and Information section of Manager Self-Service
  • Change the date to one day before the non-active status went into effect (for example, if Joan Smith went on a Leave of Absence on 10/15/YYYY you would enter 10/14/YYYY)
  • Press the "Go" button; the Employee List will refresh, displaying the active employees as of that date
  • Click on the employee’s name and their information page will display (where you can generate a PAF)

Viewing Information for an Employee with Multiple Positions in Different Departments (i.e. Casual Employees)

Information for employees with multiple positions in different departments is accessible by the respective administrative department for each position.  To verify whether an employee holds a position in another department, contact the HR Service Center.

Pay Inquiries for an Employee with Multiple Positions in Different Departments

Faculty and staff with multiple positions in different departments receive a single paycheck with their total pay from all departments.  Only the DA who administers the employee’s primary position will be able to see the check in either the Department or Employee Payroll Reports in Manager Self-Service.  If you believe there is a discrepancy with the pay, either an overpayment, under payment or missed pay, first contact the HR Service Center to verify the employee holds a position in another department.  Upon determining a pay error occurred, follow the appropriate process to correct.  Visit the Pay Error Corrections and Overpayments topics for additional information.

For complete information about viewing employee records, consult the Manager Self-Service Guide.