Processing Personal Data Changes

A personal data change is submitted for an employee when the personal information must be updated in the employee's record.


Once a personal data change is known, submit the change along with the required documentation. Once it is entered into the PAC system, it is viewable in the Employee Personal Information section of Manager Self-Service and the employee can also see the change reflected in Employee Self-Service, if applicable.

For each type of personal data that needs to be changed:

  • If the original paperwork was correct, attach a copy of the original paperwork to the personal data change/correction PAF. No further documentation is required.
  • If the original paperwork was not correct, or has changed, you must provide the following documentation to make the change:
    • Name
      • If the change is a spelling or format correction, no additional documentation is required
      • If the change is an official name change, then the appropriate documentation is required (e.g., a social security card and either a marriage certificate or a court order)
    • Sex: No documentation required
    • Birthdate: Driver's license, passport or birth certificate
    • Ethnicity: no documentation required
    • Marital status: Marriage certificate, death certificate or court papers
    • Education: Diploma or graduation letter
    • Social security number: Social security card
    • Visa/citizenship: I-9


  1. Generate an active PAF for the employee from the Employee Personal Information page in the manager self-service section of the People @ Columbia (PAC) system. For more information on how to print PAFs, access the MSS guide.
  2. Enter the action/reason codes and effective date at the top of the PAF (see chart below).
  3. In the appropriate sections of the PAF, draw/type a single line through information that needs to be changed and print/type the new information in the updated fields. Verify that the form is complete, sign it, attach the appropriate documentation and route it to the appropriate office for approval, along with the required supporting documentation for the transaction.

Action / Reason Codes (Personal Data Changes)

Below are the action/reason codes for personal data changes.

Please note: The action/reason codes below will not appear on your Personnel Action Report in manager self-service, since these are personal data changes. The exceptions are DTA/SSN and DTA/VSA, which will appear as listed.


Action CodeReason CodeDescription
DTANameName change
DTASexGender change
DTABirthdateBirthdate change
DTAEthnicityEthnicity change
DTAMarital statusMarital status and/or marital status date change
DTAEducationEducation change
DTASSNSocial security number change
DTAVSAVisa type and/or visa date change
DTACitizenshipCitizenship change


Please refer to the How to Complete a PAF jobaid for more information on completing the form, and the action/reason job aid for a complete listing of all action/reason codes.