Time and Attendance Forms

Each department is responsible for maintaining records of actual time worked for Support Staff employees and for maintaining records of days off for Officers. These records must be maintained and used by the department to determine overtime pay for support staff and to verify labor costs, sick leave, personal days and vacation allowances for both Support Staff and Officers. All time and attendance records are subject to examination and must be kept for at least six years.

We established a process in 2004 to ensure that Columbia can better estimate and report the value of accrued entitlements to vacation and personal days on its financial statements. Each school and department now submits an annual statement of the accrued vacation and personal time for every person who is entitled to those benefits. The annual submission is due every August 1 for accrued balances for all Officers of the Libraries, Officers of Administration and Support Staff as of July 1 of that calendar year. Schools and departments should submit the list of accrued balances to Robert Reiter, Director of Compensation, at 615 West 131st Street, Studebaker 4th Floor, MC 8705. Related questions or issues can be posed to Robert Reiter at (212) 851-7059 or via email at rr52@columbia.edu