Salary Changes & Adjustments Overview

Columbia University is committed to ensuring that  total compensation paid is commensurate with the work performed.  It is critical that salaries within your area of responsibility be fairly administered and in compliance with Columbia’s non-discrimination policies.

When considering salary changes, either during the annual year-end adjustment process or as an off-cycle adjustment, managers should make decisions that reflect both the relative performance of individuals as well as their position within the salary range with a focus on rewarding high performers.  Salary differentiation is also an important consideration that encourages improved performance and increased retention of valuable contributors.


Year End Salary Adjustments:

Salary changes and adjustments for active employees are typically completed at the end of each fiscal year. The University has a standard process for managing salary adjustments that are effective at the beginning of each fiscal year, July 1. Towards the end of each fiscal year, detailed guidance on the annual salary review process is distributed to the Schools/Departments. This guidance includes the detailed process, guidelines and deadlines.


Off-Cycle Salary Adjustments:

In certain circumstances, off-cycle salary adjustments may be made at any time during the year. These include both ad hoc salary adjustments, position re-evaluations and promotional salary increases. Once approved by the school/department, a PAF should be submitted to HRPC to process the change.  For more information, please see the Processing Pay Rate Adjustments page.


Salary Exception Processing:

If a proposed salary increase is equal to or greater than 10% of the incumbent’s current base salary, a Salary/Bonus Exception Review Form must be submitted to the appropriate CUHR Client Manager when the roster or Personnel Action Form (PAF) is submitted for review. The CUHR Client Manager will submit these forms to the Compensation Review Committee for approval, as necessary.