Time Entry Form


The Time Entry Form is used in rare situations where time for an employee cannot be submitted via FFE or another approved time entry system. Use the time entry form when a new casual employee does not appear in FFE, although the Template-Based Hire electronic form/paperwork has been sent to the HRPC and the employee needs to be paid for their work. 


The Time Entry Form is located on the Finance Division website. Verify that the form is complete, sign it, and route it to the appropriate approver. The final approver will route it to HRPC.

FFE Codes

If there is an "X" in the box below, then use FFE for that transaction code. If there is a "TEF" in the box, please use the Time Entry Form for that transaction code.

CodeDescriptionSupport StaffCasualsWeekly-Union
ADRegular hoursXXX
AWAbsent without payXXX
1Overtime: Straight Time X X
2Overtime: Double TimeX X
3Overtime: Triple TimeX X
HOvertime: Half TimeX X
JOvertime: Time and a Half XXX
KOvertime: Double and a Half Time X X
20Shift Differential (% of Rate)X X
S1Sick Pay (R1) TEF X
12Sick Pay (R2)X X
V1Vacation Pay (R1) TEF X
19Vacation Pay (R2) X X
STScrub Time   X
RBRed Bag Disposal  X
SWSnow Removal   X
CLPlain Clothes  X
SRShift Differential (flat)TEF X
MEMeal Money  X
13Shirt/Shoe Money  X
AFRegular (flat amount)  X
OFOvertime (flat amount)  X