Salary Distributions

A salary distribution is the process by which departments communicate the allocation of regular earnings for faculty and staff to the Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC) system. Departments create salary distribution profiles in PAC which detail the ComboCodes / ChartStrings to which the employee’s earnings should be charged.

At the time of hire/rehire, a salary distribution profile is created for all faculty and staff via Template-Based Hire (TBH), or by Payroll for employees who could not be hired using TBH. Once an employee is hired and their record is in PAC, an employee's salary distribution profile can be changed through the Salary Distribution transaction process. The salary distribution only changes the allocation going forward. To retroactively modify an employee's profile, that is, to make changes to payroll charges that have already been paid out, a cost transfer transaction must be entered.

Visit the Training Catalog for information on processing salary distributions.

There are limited circumstances when a Salary Distribution Form must be used. For more information on using the Salary Distribution Form, please go to the Payroll section of the Finance Gateway.