Processing Pay Rate Adjustments

A pay rate adjustment is a change to an employee's annual, hourly or contract pay.


Submit the request for a Pay Rate adjustment to change or correct an employee's pay except in the case of a promotion. If the pay adjustment is due to a promotion, then you must follow the promotion process (see the Promotions and Transfers section of the website).


  1. Generate an active PAF for the employee from the Employee Personal Information page in the Manager Self-Service section of the People @ Columbia system.
  2. Enter the Action/Reason code and effective date at the top of the PAF (see the chart below).
  3. In the appropriate sections of the PAF, draw/type a single line through information that needs to be changed and print/type the new information in the updated fields. Verify that the form is complete, sign it, attach the appropriate documentation and route it to the appropriate office for approval, along with the required supporting paperwork for the transaction.

Action / Reason Codes (Pay Rate Adjustment)

Below are the applicable action / reason codes for a Pay Rate Adjustment. Enter these on the top of the PAF form to indicate the purpose for the submission. Note: If employee is on an LOA s/he must be returned, apply pay action, place back on LOA.

Action CodeReason CodeReasonNote
PAYHRSChange of hours 
PAYLVNEleven-month programUsed to indicate start and end of program
PAYPHRPhased retirement 
PAYSPGStep progression 
PAYUNIUnion contract