Check Address

The check address is the delivery location for an employee's paycheck; usually the location of the Departmental Administrator. The check sequence code indicates the employee's department and location where their paper check would be delivered.

While the majority of Columbia University employee's are on direct deposit, there are employee's who receive a paper paycheck and advice. In the interest of security and accountability, we do not send the paper paychecks and advices directly to the employee at their office address or work location. Instead, we use a check address that is assigned to a department rather than an individual. Most employees in the same department will have the same check address.

Each department authorizes an individual, usually the departmental administrator, to receive and/or distribute checks and advice to employees. Additionally, the authorized department representative is the primary contact for the HRPC and Payroll departments in case of a missing check/advice or a reversal/reissue.

To view employee check address in manager self-service: click on the check address link in the "additional information" section on the Employee Information page.

To move an employee to a different check address: if an employee is transferred to a new department and administered by a new DA, the check address must be reviewed and updated when necessary on the PAF to transfer the employee.

The Check Sequence Code must be included on all Columbia hiring forms (electronic or paper) that you submit, including:

  • Template-based hire
  • Personnel action form (PAF)
  • Nomination form
  • Casual employment form
  • Work-study form

The list of Check Sequence Codes can be found in the Course Catalog.


Modify or Add a Check Address

The Check Address Form is used to request changes to a check address for the following reasons:

  • Update an existing check address. If the DA or person distributing the checks leaves the department or changes their physical location, you must update the Check Address to include either the new DA’s name or the continuing DA’s new location. This will affect all employees using that Check Sequence Code.
  • Request a new check address (very rare). In the case of a new building or department, you can request that a new Check Address be created. Your request will be reviewed. You will be contacted when a decision is made. Please note that very few of these requests are approved.


Columbia Addresses Overview

PAC requires three addresses for every employee that receives pay. The three addresses are home, office and check. Additionally, for non-resident aliens, a local mailing address is also required. Please refer to the chart below for further clarification of the different address types.

Address TypeRequired?Description
Home addressYesThe permanent home address of the employee
Mailing addressOptionalThe local home address of a student, visiting faculty/researcher or non-resident alien
Office addressYesThe work location where the employee receives Columbia mail
Check addressYesThe delivery location for the employee's checks, usually the location of the DA