Managing Pay Overview

Hiring managers are responsible for offering and agreeing to salaries for new employees that are in accordance with the hiring range for the grade (for officers and non-union support staff) or as agreed to in collective bargaining agreements (for union support staff).

At the time of hire/re-hire for all faculty and staff, the New York State Department of Labor requires that the University provide a written notice to faculty and staff about the terms and conditions of employment related to rate of pay, regular pay cycle and, for non-exempt employees, rate of overtime pay. Please see NYS Law 195 for more information.

Administrative Officers and Support Staff

When making salary decisions for administrative officers and non-union support staff, please consider the following:

  • University salary ranges: salaries for employees must fall within the hiring range for the grade. Please consult with your Client Manager for the grade ranges. Click here for the salary minimums for each grade.
  • Internal equity within the school/admin unit: consider whether the salary being considered is justifiable and equitable based on the individual's qualifications and background as compared to current staff. Also consider the gender/ethnicity/age of existing staff to ensure that there is no real or perceived bias.

Union Support Staff

Salaries for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements are negotiated between the University and the respective union. All pay policies, annual increases, overtime and other wage and salary topics are covered in the collective bargaining agreement for each union. Please refer to the appropriate contract for rates and effective dates.

Academic Officers

Compensation information for all academic officers (officers of instruction, officers of research, officers of the libraries) can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Pay Groups and Types of Payroll

Pay frequency determines what time of the month a particular person's pay is processed. use this chart to determine the appropriate rate code to enter on the payroll paperwork.


Pay GroupPay FrequencyDescriptionRate CodeEmployee Type
MO1Semi-monthlyAcademic and student officers & UDACNTRCTSalaried
MO1Semi-monthlyExempt Administrative officersNAANNLSalaried
MO2Semi-monthlyStipend for student officersNAANNLSalaried
MO3WeeklyTax treaty employeesNAANNLSalaried
BW1BiweeklyHourly OfficersNAANNLHourly 
BW2BiweeklyCasual & Work Study NAHRLYHourly
WK1WeeklySupport Staff - 241 TWU, 1199 Cafe, 32B/J, Local 100NAHRLYHourly
WK2WeeklyFinancial Aid Stipend - No Position/SalaryNAHRLYHourly


Fringe Benefit Rates

Columbia University provides a full array of benefits to its faculty and staff that is either fully or partially funded by the University, including benefit plan related expenses (medical, retirement, etc.) and tax related expenses (matching FICA/Medicare tax contributions).

To fund the Columbia-paid benefits, the University applies a fringe benefit rate to salaries as they are paid and charged in the labor accounting system. Complete information on the fringe rates can be found on the Finance Gateway.