Managing Discipline

All employees are expected to adhere to generally accepted rules of conduct and organizational behavior. Please review the Administrative Code of Conduct for a statement of these basic principles. If an employee's work performance does not meet acceptable standards, progressive discipline practices should be utilized. Please refer to the Discipline Policy for more information.

If the work performance of an officer or non-union support staff member does not meet acceptable standards:

  • Provide counsel, point out areas of improvement needed, and recommend ways to overcome these areas of concern
  • Give an oral warning to the employee and file written documentation that an oral warning was administered if the problem persists
  • Give a formal written warning to the employee if the employee fails to correct the problem
  • Should additional steps -- up to and including termination -- be considered, please consult with your HR Client Manager first
  • For union support staff, please refer to the collective bargaining agreements or contact the Office of Labor Relations
  • Depending on the circumstances of the case and the severity of the offense, one or more of the above steps may be repeated or by-passed