Layoff an Employee

Layoff an Officer or Support Staff Employee

A layoff is a termination initiated by the University because the position is eliminated due to a lack of work, significant change of work / responsibilities, or a lack of funds.

Reference the Termination policy for additional information.


Discuss in advance the layoff with your local Human Resources representative as well your HR Client Manager  for approval.

Prepare the layoff letter and / or release letter, as appropriate.  The letter must be attached to the PAF.  Be sure to calculate the severance payment which is the dollar amount as well as the number of months or weeks to be paid.  This is entered on the PAF.  To generate the PAF,

  1. Generate an Active PAF for the employee from the Employee Personal Information page in the Manager Self-Service section of the People @ Columbia system. For information on how to print PAFs, access the MSS guide
  2. Enter the Action / Reason codes and effective date at the top of the PAF (see the chart below)
  3. In the appropriate sections of the PAF, draw / type a single line through information that needs to be changed and print / type the new information in the updated fields. Verify that the form is complete, sign it, attach the appropriate documentation and route it to the appropriate office for approval, along with the required supporting paperwork for the transaction

Reference the “How to Complete a PAF ” job aid for information on field entry.

Action / Reason Codes (Layoffs)

Below are the applicable action / reason codes for a layoff.

Action CodeReason CodeReason
LOFELMPosition Eliminated
LOFFNDLack of Funding
LOFSLASeasonal Layoff


For a complete listing of Action / Reason codes, click here.