Additional Compensation

Additional compensation payments are one-time or ongoing payments that are made in addition to regular earnings for active salaried officers. This includes officers of instruction, research, libraries and administration plus student officers.

Add comps are made for many reasons, and can be paid all in one pay period or be spread out over multiple pay periods. These payments can be paid to employees both within the administrative department and to employees in another administrative department and are processed via PAC. Reasons for paying an add comp include:

  • Extra pay for additional duties performed

  • Special one-time payments

  • Ongoing clinical payments of varying types 

Every additional compensation transaction has an Earning Code that identifies the type of add comp the employee is to receive.

Additional compensation payments for union and non-union support staff (e.g., shift differentials) are handled in the Time Collection Module in FFE. For more information on using FFE, please refer to the Finance Training Catalog.

Visit the Human Resources Training Catalog for training information on processing additional compensation payments. View the Payroll Calendar for key dates and deadlines related to submitting and approving additional compensation transactions.

There are rare instances when an additional compensation transaction must be submitted via paper instead of through PAC. Visit the Payroll section on the Finance Gateway for more information and to access the form.