Pay Calendars

What is the Pay Calendar?

The Pay Calendar is a campus specific chart listing of all fiscal year pay dates. The calendar also includes key dates and deadlines for electronic or paper transaction submissions and when the paychecks can be viewed by the employees online.

Electronic and Paperwork Due Dates

In order for a transaction to be processed in a specific pay period, please refer to the transaction processing dates on the payroll calendar. If the transaction is submitted or approved after the deadline, it will be processed in the next on-cycle payroll for that pay group.

Helpful Tips

Plan Ahead. Submit your electronic transactions or paperwork to your approver(s) with enough time for the approver(s) to review, approve, and deliver it to the HRPC (either electronically or via paper) by the due date.

Approvers: For electronic transactions, check the worklist and workflow status pages to determine the location of transactions. For paper transactions, you may contact your Final Approver to obtain the date that the paperwork was signed. The final approvers for each campus differ depending on the type of transaction. Reference the Workflow Job Aids for more information.