University Office of Labor Relations

The Columbia University Office of Labor Relations is responsible for the labor relations strategy and interpretation for the University. Working collaboratively with the Schools and Departments, the Office of Labor Relations negotiates, interprets and administers collective bargaining agreements with 11 bargaining units. These agreements set forth the wages, terms and conditions of employment, and working conditions for approximately 3,000 support staff at the University.


Union Contact Information

In addition to the University Office of Labor Relations, Collective Bargaining Agreement members may contact their union representatives for information and assistance.  Those contacts are listed below.


Bargaining UnitContact
Local 32BJ, AFL-CIO(212) 889-4100
Local 100, AFL-CIO(212) 541-4226
Local 241, TWU, AFL-CIO, Maintenance and Custodial(212) 851-1697
Local 241, TWU, AFL-CIO, Security Officers(212) 851-1697
Local 1199, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Clerical Employees(212) 261-2430
Local 1199, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Cafeteria Employees(212) 261-2430
Local 2110, UAW, AFL-CIO(212) 749-6703
Marine Engineer Benevolent Association (MEBA)(201) 433-7700
Masters, Mates and Pilots (MM&P)(201) 963-1900
Supporting Staff Association (SSA), AFL-CIO(212) 305-4115
Local 95, DC 1707, AFL-CIO(212) 219-0022