Support Staff - Tuition Exemption: How to Apply

Your Responsibility for Courses Not Covered by Tuition Exemption

You are held responsible for the tuition and fees of any course for which you are registered should that course be deemed ineligible for the Tuition Exemption Benefit. Thus, it behooves you to submit the proper paperwork early so as to avoid any issues or surprises.

To all Prospective Recipients of the Tuition Exemption Benefit for Support Staff

Effective Summer 2007, you must complete the application process as soon as you register; this means your Tuition Exemption and other materials must be submitted to the Student Service Center within five (5) business days after your school's deadline for dropping courses. If your application is not approved, you will be responsible for any tuition for courses you keep. Human Resources does not accept responsibility for denied coverage if you are found to be ineligible for the benefit.

Getting Started: Applying for Tuition Exemption

After you have registered for classes, you must apply for your tuition exemption benefit each term by completing the following steps:

First, whether you are a Support Staff member or an eligible family member, you will need to print out your Tuition Exemption from the CU Online Benefits Enrollment System. Family members will need the Support Staff member to print this for them.

How to Apply: Support Staff

  1. Log in with your UNI and password to print your Tuition Exemption from the CU Online Benefits Enrollment System. If you plan to take a course offered during your working hours, you will need an approval signature from your department head.
  2. If you are a graduate student taking graduate-level courses related to your work, complete the appropriate Job-Related Graduate Education Certification Form:

    a) Job-Related Graduate Education Certification Form - Degree Program; or

    b) Job-Related Graduate Education Certification Form for Graduate-Level Courses - Non Degree Program

    This form must be completed by you and your supervisor, signed in ink, and dated by you and your supervisor. Attach the form to your Tuition Benefit Eligibility Form. For more information, also see Tax Treatment.

  3. Submit the completed and signed Tuition Benefit Eligibility Form and, if it applies, your signed original Job-Related Graduate Education Certification form, to the Student Service Center in 205 Kent Hall (Morningside), or Registration & Financial Services @ CUMC in 1-141 Black Building (Medical Center), during the Change of Program Period each term (see the Academic Calendar for details).

How to Apply: Spouse or Same-Sex Domestic Partner, or Children

  1. The Support Staff member of your family must log in with his or her UNI and password to print your Tuition Exemption from the CU Online Benefits Enrollment System.

    Note: For children who receive tuition benefits through more than one eligible staff member, separate forms must be submitted under each employee’s name. If one parent is a Support Staff member and the other is an Officer, be sure to consult The Tuition Exemption Benefit Program for Faculty and Officers.
  2. The online enrollment system confirms your eligibility. If you do not show up in the system, the Support Staff member needs to submit proof to Human Resources of your relationship, which may consist of the following:
    • for a spouse — marriage certificate;
    • for a same-sex domestic partner — See "Benefits Highlights"
    • for a biological dependent — birth certificate;
    • for an adopted dependent — adoption papers;
    • for a step-dependent — birth certificate and marriage certificate;
    • for a child of a same-sex domestic partner — See "Benefits Highlights"
  3. Family members who wish to receive tuition exemption at Columbia as non-degree special students will need to provide additional official documentation showing your degree candidacy at another accredited institution.
  4. Submit the signed original form(s) to the Student Service Center, 201 Kent Hall (Morningside) or Registration and Financial Services Services in 1-141 Black Building (Medical Center), as soon as possible after you have registered for each term.