Postdocs - Enrollment & Payments

To enroll in benefits for the first time, log in to the CU Benefits Enrollment System.

Your 2018 elections will be in effect from January 1 or your date of appointment (whichever is later) until December 31, 2018. 

Note: Unless you have a Qualified Life Status Change, you will not have another opportunity to change your benefits coverage until the annual Benefits Open Enrollment held each fall. If you are a new Postdoctoral Fellow, you must enroll for benefits within 31 days following your appointment.

How to Complete the Attestation Form and Enroll

Step 1: CU Benefits Enrollment System. Enter your UNI and password, and then confirm your access using multi-factor authentication (DUO). If you do not know your UNI or password, go to

For further assistance with DUO or your UNI and password, please contact the CUIT Service Desk: 212-854-1919 or email

Step 2: Select “New Hire Enrollment or Newly Eligible Benefits Enrollment.” Then, follow the instructions to complete the Attestation Form and enroll in medical benefits (if you do not have comparable health benefits). Please be sure to click “Save and Continue” to finish the enrollment process and go to your “Benefits Enrollment Confirmation.”

Step 3: Carefully review your Benefits Enrollment Confirmation before exiting the system. If you see a problem or want to make a change, simply go back into the online system and modify your election. You may print this confirmation if you would like a paper copy of your benefits enrollment.

Step 4: Provide a copy of your Benefits Confirmation page to your Department Administrator.

If you have questions, contact Columbia Benefits Service Center: 212-851-7000 or

Your Contributions for Coverage

Contributions are the amount you pay toward the cost of your medical, vision and prescription drug coverage. Under the Columbia University Postdoctoral Research and Clinical Fellow Health Benefits Policy, Postdoctoral Fellows may enroll in the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Choice Plus 80 plan (includes vision and prescription drug coverage) at the fixed, University rate of $32 per month, regardless of the coverage level.

If you enroll in the Aetna Columbia Dental plan, you will be responsible for a separate contribution. See contribution Information.

Note: Your individual contribution is $32 per month, with your fellowship allowance or training grant expense account and departmental or other unrestricted funds available to the Principal Investigator (PI) covering the remainder of the cost. Up to 75% of your fellowship or training grant may be used by your department or PI to pay for the departmental/PI share of the costs. If you receive your fellowship or grant funds directly, you may also be billed for the fellowship or grant's contribution.

The Internal Revenue Code requires that contributions made by your department or your grant for medical and/or dental coverage are included as taxable income for you. Imputed income means you pay taxes on the cost or value of the benefits. Imputed income will be reported annually on your 1099, or quarterly on your paychecks if you have W-2 earnings.


2018 Monthly Contributions for Medical & Rx Coverage (Full-Time Fellows)
Yourself OnlyYourself & Spouse or Same-Sex Domestic PartnersYourself & Child(ren)Family

How to Pay for Your Contributions

After your elections have been processed, EBPA, our third party billing administrator, will send billing statements (also called coupons) for your medical and/or dental contributions through the end of the calendar year to your home mailing address. You are responsible to remit payment to EBPA promptly, as instructed on the coupons. If payment is not received by the deadline, insurance coverage will be canceled for non-payment. To keep this from happening, we encourage you to enroll in ACH payments with EBPA so that they can auto-debit your contribution directly from your designated bank account.