Access to Retirement Programs - Retired Officers

University Retirement Plans

As an Officer, you had two retirement savings plans:

  • Columbia University Retirement Plan for Officers (University contributions to a retirement plan on your behalf)
  • Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (contributions deducted from your paycheck)

There are several options available to you at retirement for these plans. You can either:

  • Leave your assets in their current investments,
  • Roll over the assets to a successor plan (e.g. an IRA); or
  • Take a lump sum distribution. For more information, contact TIAA or Vanguard (see below for contact information).



Phone: 1-800-842-2252


University Retirement Plan #: 100430

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan #: 100431


Phone: 1-800-523-1188


University Retirement Plan #: 090067

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan #: 096141

457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan, if applicable

If you participated in the Columbia University 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan, upon retirement you may:

  • Take a lump sum distribution
  • Transfer assets to a new employer's eligible 457(b) Plan
  • Set up fixed period payments
  • Defer until age 65 or 70 1/2

For more information, please contact Vanguard.

Note: A decision for your 457(b) plan must be made within 150 days of your retirement date.