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Job-Related Graduate Education Certification

Columbia University provides employees who are using Tuition Exemption benefits for graduate education, with the opportunity to certify that their education is job-related per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax regulation. Complete this form (1) if you receive Tuition Exemption for graduate courses (4000 and above) or a graduate degree program, and (2) if you believe the classes you take meet the definition of "job-related" according to the policy below.

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, you do not need to complete this form.  Graduate-level courses taken as part of undergraduate degree programs are not taxable.

  • Job-Related Graduate Education Certification Policy (PDF / Word)
  • Instructions for Employees (PDF / Word)
  • Instructions for Supervisors (PDF / Word)
  • Job-Related Graduate Education Certification Form - Degree Program (PDF / Word)
    Fill out the Degree Program form if your graduate coursework is part of a master's or post-baccalaureate degree program.
  • Job-Related Graduate Education Certification Form - Non-Degree Program (PDF / Word)
    Fill out the Non-Degree Program form if your graduate coursework (4000 and above) is not part of a degree program.
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